Russian ammunition manufacturers suffer from sanctions the West

production of ammunition
production of ammunition

Introduction of additional sanctions against the West could threaten the production of ammunition, as more than 70% of the products supplied RF abroad. This August 20 said the publication “Kommersant”.
Producers are hoping to increase procurement needs of the Defense Ministry. But the military RF until enough has accumulated reserves.
August 19 led by Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation Alexander Potapov held a meeting on the subject.
According to the report presented by the Department of Industry of conventional arms, ammunition and spetshimiyi Minpromtorg, problems in two: excess finished products in the arsenal of law enforcement and risk of introduction of regular Western sanctions. These circumstances, as noted in the report related.
Since the mid 1990s, security forces (MOI, MOD, FSO, FSB) sharply reduced purchases of ammunition. Defense contracts fell 20 times without any prospects. Available capacities were excessive, and the state to provide the necessary financial support could not. As a result, the company was privatized and their shareholders, evaluating prospective portfolio, shifted to export.
Since then the company has mastered production of rifle ammunition, hunting and sporting weapons, including 41 names of foreign arms ammunition. The result is the share of exports in volume of output is more than 70%.
The participants fear that the possibility of new sanctions the United States and the European Union will hit the production of ammunition. For example, 80% of the total export of ammunition for civilian weapons is in the United States.
Recall that the sanctions have been imposed on the group “Kalashnikov”: 90 thousand. Products the customer took only 34 thousand., And the remaining 56 thousand. Stuck in warehouses.
One of the meeting participants acknowledged that if the imposition of additional sanctions “to stop all production risks”.
An alternative consumer of Russian ammunition could be Russian security forces. But Minpromtorg report states that accumulated in the warehouses of the Ministry of Defence maximum stock of ammunition, exhausted set lifetime to 40 years.
Ministry of Industry proposes to dispose of, since 2015, no less than 2 billion rounds annually, buying new cartridges in parallel for at least 1 billion rubles.

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