Russian army provokes NATO warships in the Black Sea

NATO exercises in the Black Sea
NATO exercises in the Black Sea

Canada accuses Russia of provocation during NATO exercises in the Black Sea. This September 9 UNIAN reported, citing the statement of the Ministry of Defence of Canada.
The statement noted in particular that the Russian aircraft carried circled Canadian warship Toronto during NATO exercises Sea Breeze-2014 in the Black Sea.
“Although the Russian military aircraft that carried out circular overflights of HMCS Toronto, in any form did not constitute a threat to Canadian ship, such actions were unnecessarily provocative and created a risk of escalation tension,” – said in a statement.
Canadian Defense Ministry also said that NATO military exercises in the Black Sea is caused by security measures and the Russian invasion of Ukraine.
As you know, September 8, in the north-western Black Sea began a three-day Naval Forces of Ukraine and the United States “Sea Breeze 2014”. Georgia, Norway, Sweden and France sent troops as observers.

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