Russian army shelled a medical convoy Ukrainian troops – Timchuk

Russian army
Russian army

Situation in the zone of combat is very complex. Russian troops and terrorists take offensive action with the new reinforcements from the Russian Federation. This on its Facebook page said the head of the Military-Political Studies D. TIMCHUK.
According to available data of the “Information resistance” in occupied territory of the Russian troops put up checkpoints and equipped bases. Cluster Armed Forces units recorded in areas inhabited Vasilevka, Razdolnoe and Komsomol.
“In towns Krasny Luch local authorities were instructed representatives of the Armed Forces to allocate land for the burial of the dead. According to our data, it is a dead Russian soldiers,” – said Timchuk.
As reported, Ukrainian troops conduct regrouping, pulling reserves and causing the enemy respective beats. ATO Forces destroyed a BM-21 “Grad” and several vehicles are the enemy.
The positions of Ukrainian troops fired in areas inhabited Thin, villages Lugansk and Merry Hill. From Russia made ​​our fire departments with MLRS “Smerch”.
Nearby towns Lenino ambush Russian military convoy fired medical Ukrainian troops. Cars columns were labeled.

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