Russian bloggers have gathered to speak out against YouTube under a neutral flag

Popular Russian bloggers are going to oppose YouTub under a neutral flag. The indignation of the network of authors has caused the new video from the YouTube Rewind.


Not so long ago a popular YouTube has released a new video dedicated to the most viral memes and trends of the current year. The video caused indignation of the Russian bloggers. The reason for this reaction was that the video was missing the names of famous Russian authors. Mikhail Kafanov said that the only normal reaction to this publication can only be “acute physical pain”. Technoorganic Valentin Petukhov accused authors in complete disregard of Russian authors. Some drew attention to the fact that the video is still present one representative of Russia – pensioner Tatyana Subbotina.

In this regard, Ruslan Usachev invited bloggers to speak out against YouTube “under a neutral flag”.