Russian blogs Crimea Russians deserved half revenues – and will become even more expensive

Last week, Russian blogosphere wrote about the fall of the ruble, inadequacy actions of those in power in the Kremlin and Putin’s paranoia.
Yes, journalist Arkady Babchenko ridicules “effective” actions of the authorities of the Russian Federation.

“So – you need to restore the monument to Dzerzhinsky, build in Moscow even thousand three hundred churches, remove ten films Mikhalkov, plant fifteen and two bulk Khodorkovsky, prohibit not only adopt orphans, but generally chained to their beds chains, create another four channels “Tudey Rush” and half “Layfnyus’ fifth rewrite hymn to return to prison” Poussay Rayot “hold six Olympics and build three highway” Formula 1 “buy eight” Mistral “to joke about grandmother, write a single textbook economics, four times say “nanotechnology” and “anti-corruption” again crucify boy in Slavic, draw a straight line from Uralvagonzavod, bring are Virgin, Madonna concert ban justify eight prosecutors to ban gay propaganda evict “Rain” in quite a toilet in his apartment, kiss tiger fly from Sterch, get out of the bottom of the amphora, ride on the yellow “Kalina” show on TV Milonova, threaten Pindos radioactive ash spit over his left shoulder, jump on the knee and annexing Latvia “- sarcastically writes Babchenko.

“So do all the same that the government was doing all these fifteen years. Worked away! I do not understand why they are” – he sneers.

Journalist Aider Muzhdabaev writes that Russians experienced the value of the annexation of the Crimea.

“One spring evening I went to a cafe near my job. I was stunned. This has never happened here. Binge and food were forgotten, and visitors stuck in single room TV, hung in the corner like an icon. They were sat at randomly collected from all tables chairs. And then exploded with applause, began to bounce, hugging each other like happy children. Art Alos it when the screen said “Krymnash!” – says Mudzhabayev.

“Come into the new year, if not forgotten, at the same time in the same cafe. Watch, people celebrate the day as a holiday – or try to remember it longer. Formerly, it was impossible to imagine how expensive Crimea Russians. They were only words that mean nothing. Now the price Crimea monetized and visible to everyone. And it is growing all the time, “- says the blogger.

Mudzhabayev stresses that while guarding Crimea Russians about half their real income.

“By March vartuvatyme two-thirds or three-quarters, and then into the abyss just look terrible. Generally, if someone has not understood that now covers Russia – this is not a crisis and collapse. Overall economic well-being, the usual adult Children and lifestyle. Read it slowly, you’ll be amazed, I think we will soon be poorer than the poor in Europe Bulgarians, Albanians very poor poorer. I do not get them mixed up – this is the sweet feeling of greatness? ” – He concluded.

The head of the human rights social movement “Vmyestye” Yevhyeniy Domozhyrov compares the current Russian authorities with children.

“You know how children come up with their own fairy tales of black-black hand on a black-black girl in black-black town. And then scare themselves by telling it in a camp at night. So you like children, came up with a tale of State Department evil, the terrible and Heyropu America. That country is the enemy within that runs on these foreign strahovydl and dreams of how to ruin our beautiful rasseyushku. You crazy and so dismissed Kiselev, Soloviev, Mamontov and Leontief, who themselves have to believe in what they charged them to tell “- he writes.

“And then here we go, you are more frustrated with brakes and forgetting not only the laws of history, but also the economic laws were to do this stuff, the hair stood on end. Not Having eaten his Crimea decided voynushku the Donetsk region. Instead of several dozen victims achieved the deaths of thousands. You gave weapons to terrorists and they have to shoot down passenger planes. You are in response to sanctions companions imposed sanctions against its citizens “- appeals to those in power Domozhyrov.

However, in his opinion, now useless dialogue with the authorities.

“It is useless to talk with you, while you still will not understand. You hide broken dishes in the hope that no one will notice. Forgetting that you just missed her mother’s vase. You have missed the entire sideboard and is about to seize an apartment … “- he concluded.

The journalist Yevgeny Kiselyov wrote about meeting Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev and disgraced media people.

“Watching from Kyiv developments in Russia, last week I probably most impressed one event – an interview with Dmitry Medvedev group of Russian broadcasters. Impressed not the content of the interview – essentially there, in my opinion, there was no – struck part it two people: Marianne Maksimovskoy and Mikhail Zyharya “- he writes.

“Unheard of thing – Prime Minister invites to his interview with journalists three major de facto state television, editor of the TV channel” Rain “, persecuted, harassed, that is, figuratively speaking, safe houses, and former host of the “Nyedyelya”, which no longer exists – if you call a spade a spade – for political reasons. Some people say, “Oh, what a brave we Dmitry! .. Bravo! Well, this is a really gesture – but the gesture that I personally seems almost hysterical in situations where Medvedev figure looks weak, impotent and quite decorative. The gesture, which in fact does not change anything. The gesture of a man who changed something and not do anything. The gesture, which in retrospect once again reminds Medvedev was not any president, but only confidant whom Putin “left on the farm,” to look for the presidency, “- says Kiselev.

According to him, now Medvedev – zits-chairman, who formally headed by Cabinet Minister.

“They say somebody has estimated that Twitter interview Medvedev often mentioned with hashtag # pathetic. That’s probably true. But – no reason to gloat. Because when the country – a prime minister, bad things” – sums Kiselev .

And the writer Boris Akunin says protests in Moscow during the presidential elections .

“In September 2011, after the tandem gave his artless” castling “and the country reacted to this maneuver without much interest, I said to myself, well, then clear. Long evolutionary ladder through step by bouncing them; request for democracy Russia has not yet matured, the country seems to have to go through a stage of life-long dictatorship of Putin, health natslidera better than me, and he obviously live longer. Did orhvysnovky – left, sour mood, but generally calm. Logic was obvious. Most citizens are willing to tolerate this political system, I – no, “- he writes.

“December 5, 2011 in Moscow, I was not. I did not understand how and why on Clean pond happened is what happened. I remember then felt two strong emotions: surprise and joy … People who want to live in a normal country, a lot! They are trying to make a difference, and not to participate in this shame. I came back and participated – as their perceptions of correctness “- recalls Akunin

“Frankly, I was not too scared offensive reaction in 2012-2013. It was entirely predictable recoil. I was convinced that the regime eventually work instinct of self-preservation and the Kremlin starts to play back, realizing that” crackdown “- a dead-end path. In December last year, when released Khodorkovsky, girls’ Poussay Rayot “,” grinpisovtsy, “I said with a proud look familiar: Well, you see, and you lamented. By a slow brains to Putin finally realized that this – the only way safely grow old. But here in Kiev dropped Yanukovych and Russian ruler there was a panic attack “- writes Akunin.

Further, according to the writer, Putin paranoia infected the entire country.

“He began to recoup all the time increasing rate, and infected his paranoia throughout the country. The ancient story about the role of the individual in history. If a person horseradish, the country and horseradish. To urge caution late. The door is actually closed already. We can only guess what will be the next stop. There’s a fork of three stations and the train can turn any. Stations are called “Lubyanka”, “Biryulyovo” and “Building the Revolution.” From my perspective, it’s a choice between quartering, burning at fire and shooting. With this choice, I, of course, by shooting “- writes blogger.

“However, theoretically there is emergency brake. But theoretically,” – says Akunin.

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