Russian car market in October was ranked fifth in Europe

The Agency “AUTOSTAT”, which deals with Analytics, announced that in October, Russia has retained fifth place among the largest car markets in Europe. Last month in Russia sold 136 000 cars without account of LCV segment.


A leader on the European market is Germany. During the reporting period, the country managed to implement 272 855 cars, which is below last year’s level of 3.9%. The car market in France grew by 13.7% in comparison with October 2016, up to 176 496 cars, which helped the country to be in the second position.

Three leaders closes the UK, who led the September list of the largest car markets of Europe. Last month, the number of cars sold amounted to 158 192 instance, below last year’s figures by 12.2%. In SMMT (UK society of dealers and manufacturers) believe that the reason for the negative dynamics in an unstable political and economic situation in the country.

The fourth position belongs to Italy. ANFIA (Italian Association of automobile manufacturers) reported that the performance of this year are the best since 2009. In October managed to sell 157 cars 900, which indicates growth of 7.1%. As a result, Russia has maintained the fifth position in the list of the largest car markets in Europe with rates at 136 000 cars sold.