Russian cars from the “humanitarian convoy” never fall in Ukraine

humanitarian convoy
humanitarian convoy

Technology of the Russian Federation, which carries humanitarian aid will not move through Ukraine. On August 12 is the deputy head of presidential administration Valeriy Chaly.
“We do not consider any movement of the Russian columns Ukrainian territory,” – he said.
He stressed that Ukraine admits that column, which is already moving towards our border, must be delivered to the border which has to go through legal formalities.
“In the transit area is customs clearance, customs clearance. Responsible for the Red Cross, and he delivers this humanitarian assistance through Ukraine”, – he said.
“These goods will be overwhelmed by vehicles that rents the Red Cross, and so we will not allow support (representatives – Ed.) Russian Interior Ministry and other security forces in Ukraine”, – he said.
“Everything is under control of the Ukrainian side, we berms responsibility for the delivery of humanitarian aid,” – he added.
Chaly said that interacted with representatives of the Red Cross.
“They plan to rent a truck here. We support the Ukrainian side the proposal. That would be annoying even allow Russian trucks without drivers to cross the border with Ukraine,” – said Chaly.
“We are willing to accept all this help on trucks, which leases the Red Cross. Ukraine and is ready to assist in customs procedures. Therefore we do not consider any opportunity to allow Russian trucks cross the Ukrainian border,” – he explained.
Chaly said that system-that unauthorized entry to the territory of Ukraine – an act of aggression. He also said that still does not know what the Russians were going to Ukraine.
As you know, early in the morning from the Moscow region to the Ukrainian border went convoy trucks. Russian authorities stressed that they were carrying humanitarian aid.
Earlier reports on the initiative of the President of Ukraine Poroshenko to send to Luhansk Oblast international humanitarian aid missions. Also reported that Ukraine got equipped field hospitalza support international humanitarian organizations.

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