Russian cat officially took the job in the library

Российского кота официально взяли на работу в библиотеку

Russian cat officially took the job in the library [photo]
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This still try to restrict civil rights!
Photo: Central library system Novorosiyska

Baleen specialist receives a salary in 30 bags of food.

Books and magazines coming to the reading room the kids – the cat was accepted to work in children’s library Novorossiysk – purring, of course, does not issue, but a moustached intellectual, endowed with all available for hairless and not mucousy employees powers. Kuzma (the so-called four-legged colleague knigomania) has its particular place and the post – cat “sticks” assistant librarian. Well, duties he also has beast participates in celebrations for children in the role of Pushkin the Cat Scientist. During events in accordance with the dress code Kuzya wears a bow tie. Sleeping cat, as expected, outside the walls of the library, and every morning together with all comes to work.

Российского кота официально взяли на работу в библиотеку

Working as an assistant librarian Kuze pleasure Photo: the Central library system of Novorossiysk

The first time we saw him in October of last year, – told “Komsomolskaya Pravda” head of innovation and mass work of the Central library system of the city-hero Anna Lapshina. The cat behaved decently, did not shout, did not fight claws door and not even squatted under the window. In the end, the leadership said, either take him home or go inside, to keep it from freezing. In the end, we decided to take the animal for examination to the veterinary clinic where he was given a special passport. Since then he remained in the library.

Officially Kuzya have been hired recently. All as expected – the beast identified for the post of assistant librarian in the relevant order of the Director with all signatures and seals. This bet was invented specifically for Kuzi. Through the books, of course, four-legged expert was not performed. To feed the cat knigomania monthly resets themselves. Menu; in addition to “Whiskas” there are fish fillets, meat and other delicacies. Every day the hairy librarian comb special comb and wash dry shampoo. And in between beauty treatments Kuzya involve in the ongoing activities. In General, not life, but a pleasure!

Российского кота официально взяли на работу в библиотеку

Cat hired by all the rules

Laughter laughter, but as soon as the cat settled on the “portrait” position, the kids had literally besiege the library. And adults Novorossiysk go to see the local celebrity. But at the same time and browsing the new literature.

In the state Inspectorate of labour in the city-hero “KP” explained — the law, of course, to take animals to work it is impossible, after all, brothers our smaller can not independently protect their civil rights.


But if in Novorossiysk our brother less officially accepted to work in the library, over the ocean, the animals “fighting” even for the seats of mayors! So, for example, now in the race for the post of the head of a small Mexican town of Veracruz, involved black-and-white cat named Morris. In the history of the United States in the political life of the state “interfered” dogs and even goats! One of them in 1986 and is still ruled by the Texas Lohitam. A Rottweiler named Bosco Ramos defeated two human candidates running for mayor of the city of Sanol, CA. The strap of the head of the dog pulled from 1981 to 1994. And it does not itch about any political turmoil.

Where else have worked and are working cats

In the world-famous Hermitage cats are still from the times of Empress Catherine Petrovna. Mustachioed public servants eliminate small rodents that can damage priceless paintings. Humming and working in the British Museum, where they even have the official salary and uniforms with yellow bow. And during the First World war Murzik and Vasek used on the fronts for the detection of toxic gases.