Russian employee of Bombardier suspected of corruption in Sweden

A Russian Bombardier employee in Sweden suspected of corruption has been placed in pre-trial detention for the next two weeks.
Prosecutor Thomas Forsberg said Evgeni Pavlov, a Russian who lives in Sweden, is one of several Bombardier employees who may have plotted with the Azerbaijani railway authorities in order to adopt a contingency for Bombardier.
Mr. Pavlov reports on LinkedIn as the “Sales Manager, Marketing and Country Coordinator for the Northern Region”. He was detained to prevent him from fleeing or tampering with the evidence.
Two other men were briefly detained during the week, Pavlov said, but they were released. They are still considered suspects.
The Swedish prosecutor said that e-mails seized in October 2016 during a search of Bombardier’s offices in Sweden constitute evidence in this case.
He added that Azerbaijani leaders could have cooperated with representatives of the MNC to “be rewarded for favoring the Bombardier contract”.
“Even if Bombardier only offered the fifth best price, it won the contract in 2013 and rivals that offered better prices were disqualified by the Azerbaijani railway authorities,” said Forsberg.
Bombardier was a member in 2013 of a consortium that won a US $ 288 million contract to provide signaling equipment for a railway link of more than 500 kilometers along a corridor linking Azerbaijan, Europe and Asia.
Mr. Forsberg said the contract earned profits of US $ 56 million to the Azerbaijani companies.
Local media added that Pavlov is also suspected of having negotiated with a London-based company that joined the Bombardier consortium and added 550 percent to the price of equipment sold to Bombardier Azerbaijan.
A Bombardier Transportation spokesperson, Claas Belling, confirmed in an email to La Presse canadienne that “Bombardier Transportation employees in Sweden were questioned by the police”. Mr. Belling then warned that “it would be premature to comment on the outcome of the investigation” and assures that Bombardier is working with the Swedish authorities.

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