Russian experts are developing a new navigation system

Russian experts are developing a new system of celestial navigation which will be more effective than the existing one. It will be precise and will help to resolve many existing problems.

The specialists of “Rosatom” engaged in the creation of the centre for space engineering, one of the key objectives of which will be the development of a new system of celestial navigation. It is expected that in the near future this system will be able to replace the current existing GPS and GLONASS.

The leadership of the Roscosmos announced that the new object will appear in Saratov. It will employ young professionals who already have valuable experience in the industry. It is known that the establishment of a system of celestial navigation in the future could completely replace the existing ones because of its high precision and the absence of many problems that have a modern system.

It is assumed that Russian specialists will use to create x-ray pulsars.

This technology can be used in the spacecraft for a more precise orientation in deep space. Previously reported that the launch of this Observatory is going to happen by the end of this year.