Russian hackers tried to hack into emails of American military wives

Российские хакеры пытались взломать электронную почту жен американских военных

Russian hackers tried to hack into emails of American military wives
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Threats of blame Russian hackers groups Fancy Bear, and APT28. Photo: Reuters

Cybercriminals from Russian bands Fancy Bear, and APT28 acted on behalf of terrorists “Islamic state”.

Russian hackers from Fancy Bear, and APT28 threatened the wives of the us military on behalf of the terrorists “Islamic state”. The incident took place on 10 February 2015. This is stated in the investigation by the Associated Press.

– 10 Feb 2015 5 wives of soldiers in the army of the United States received in the social networking message with the following text: We know about you, your husband and your kids. We are much closer than you can imagine, – said the Agency with reference to information of Secureworks, which specializiruetsya on cyber security.

In parallel with the receipt of this message hackers from the group of Fancy Bear tried to break electronic mailboxes wives of the us military..

Also, the Ministry of homeland security has confirmed that on the eve of elections of the President of America in 2016 from hacker attacks injured 21 in the state.

And in July of 2017, the head of the CIA Mike Pompeo said that Russia intervened not only in the presidential elections in 2016. He noted that the intervention was in the 2012 election, when Barack Obama defeated Republican MITT Romney, and even before.