Russian mathematician proved a theorem, which remained unproved for 40 years

Mathematician from Russia Alexander Polyansky with the help of scientists from Israel proved a theorem, which remained unproved for 40 years. The survey results published in the scientific journal Geometric and Functional Analysis.


This refers to the problem of “destocked”. The author is the founder of combinatorial geometry Laszlo Fejes That. She was introduced in 1973. Polanski said that the solution to the problem he and his colleague, styling Jiang came quite by accident. They made that the width of the stacked plates, completely covering the balloon does not exceed the circumference, but inferior to this value. In the proof they used the contradiction obtained in the form of a point within a circle. At the same time, this point is not covered by planks. And in this they succeeded. It is noted that plates are presented in the form of a ribbon, and then in the form of segments of a sphere.

Scientists believe that the proof of the theorem will help you to solve a number of issues. In particular, using theorems of mathematics hope to calculate the exact number of balls of the same size that can fit the same around the globe.