Russian prison officials said that Sentsov can spend Sakharov prize

Российские тюремщики рассказали, на что Сенцов может потратить премию Сахарова

Russian jailers argue that a convict in Russia Ukrainian Director Oleg Sentsov can use the prize of the European Parliament “For freedom of thought” Sakharov to buy food and household items from the prison shop, according to “the Crimea.Realities”.

“The transfer of funds convicted Sentsov O. G. possible in rubles to the Bank account of the correctional institutions of the penal system at the place of serving of punishment. The money will be credited to his personal account”, – quotes the edition of the message of the FSIN of Russia.

It is noted that in accordance with the Criminal Executive code of Russian Federation convicted to deprivation of liberty, according to the rules, are permitted to purchase food products and Essentials by wire transfer (at the store of the colony) with funds earned in the period of serving punishment, as well as due to receive pensions, social benefits and remittances.

However, in terms of expenditure of funds received as transfers, the Russian code sets forth limitations depending on the prescribed mode of punishment, it is specified in the FPS, without explaining whether the touch such restrictions specifically Sentsov.

We will remind, in October Oleg Sentsov is the winner of the award “For freedom of thought” to them. Andrei Sakharov. The official ceremony will be held in Strasbourg on 12 December. In this case, the question remains personal presence. at the awards ceremony. In case of absence of the Ukrainian award was received by his relative or there will be “the empty chair”.

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