Russian rapper Purulent accused of collaborating with the Kremlin

Российского рэпера Гнойного обвинили в сотрудничестве с Кремлем

Russian rapper Vyacheslav Machnow, known under the pseudonym Purulent, the video was removed by order of the presidential administration of Russia, and received for his work from the Kremlin 2 million rubles this was reported by “Russian service Bi-bi-si”.

“Purulent bought only once, he took two million and no longer sold,” – said close to the presidential administration source. His words also confirmed by another source – an employee of an advertising Agency that works with the orders of this kind.

Later the concert Director of Purulent Stanislav Smolyaninov told about the details of cooperation of the artist with the Kremlin. “Yes, it really was one. The amount of 2 million rubles are not quite right, but it’s as close to real. Again we did not agree, because the government failed to pay us the agreed amount at the first cooperation,” he said.

It is reported that we are talking about video Pyo “Sobolev Diss Chalenge” (written under the pseudonym Sonia Marmeladov), in which he criticizes the Russian blogger Nikolay Sobolev. Sobolev said that the Russian authorities hide the real number of deaths in Kemerovo shopping centre, “Winter cherry”. What Festering in his video accused him of willingness to change their opinions for money “hype on the corpses.”

The rapper himself to deny the information becomes. In his Twitter, he commented: “Buy Sobolev advertising parks and then Diss him. The Kremlin cares just that, the Internet was carbon monoxide”. He referred to Moscow is Gorky Park, which was placed at the blogger.

We will remind, a fire in TTS “the Winter cherry” happened on March 25 this year. According to official information, the fire killed 64 people, including 41 children.

Note also that the rapper Purulent denied entry to Ukraine. SBU accuses him of illegally crossing the Ukrainian border were annexed Crimea. Purulent best known for the battle with Occimiano. He was the first who defeated Miron in this competition in the framework of the Versus Battle.

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