Russian viewers deserve mediocre series, said Dyuzhev

The famous Russian actor Dmitry Dyuzhev said that the Russian spectators unworthy of quality series and believable acting. This statement came from Dmitry in his interview with the LTV channel in the program “No offense”.


Dmitry Dyuzhev in the program “No offense” expressed his opinion on the modern Russians that he was severely disappointed. The artist said that the queue at the airport he was standing with a ticket in business class, which was given early access pass allowing passengers with a ticket for economy class. However, according to the actor, people in the queue were not interested in what his ticket and who he is, they just missed the artist. Dyuzhev noticed that in his work, trying to make the highest quality content for audiences, he sometimes has to risk his life, and when the moment of contact with the audience, that shows itself is not the best.

Dmitry also said that he did not understand who makes cheap and poor quality TV shows and nobody’s looking, and having adapted to modern Russians, who were not as educated and intelligent as everyone thinks, he realized that for such a narrow-minded audience and the content is without any cost, talent and time.