After Russia’s aggression three Baltic countries will increase funding NATO air police

Earlier, NATO reported that in 2014 the alliance fighters have intercepted 100 aircraft, three times more than in 2013.
Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia will strengthen military cooperation and increase funding for NATO air police in response to increased activity of Russian aircraft on its borders. This was agreed by the Defence Ministers of the Baltic States, reports Reuters.

According to the Minister of Defence of Latvia Raimonds Veyonisa when the Baltic Sea 28 aircraft intercepted the Russian Federation for one day, as it was on Monday, is unprecedented and one that marks the transition point.

Estonian Defence Minister Sven Mikser called such flights “inappropriate and provocative.”

According Veyonisa, the Baltic States have agreed to make 3 million annually for the operation of air NATO mission. Today the contribution of Latvia is 1 million. Euro.

Veyonis noted that due to the chairmanship of the EU Latvia may face additional provocations from Russia.

“I am confident that they will attempt to humiliate a country and its top officials. But we are ready for this” – he said.

On the eve of NATO aircraft intercepted the Baltic Sea six Russian bombers capable of carrying nuclear warheads.

As you know, before NATO reported that in 2014 the alliance fighters have intercepted 100 aircraft , which is three times more than in 2013.

November 3 commander of NATO forces in Europe, General Philip M. Breedlove said that Russian military aircraft flights in European airspace became provocative.

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