Ryanair introduces new rules for hand baggage – from November 1, the allowable size significantly reduced

Ryanair вводит новые правила провоза ручной клади - с 1 ноября допустимые габариты значительно уменьшатся

Airline Ryanair has announced a tightening of the rules on hand baggage. The updated standards will take effect from 1 November 2018, reports avianews.

In addition, the new rules will apply to all bookings ticketed on 1 September 2018.

In order to bring to the salon piece of hand Luggage weighing up to 10 kg and with dimensions 55x40x20 cm, it will be necessary when booking a ticket to pay for the priority boarding service at a cost of 6 euros. Also you can leave Luggage in the Luggage, paying the Luggage fee at a cost of 8 euros. If services will be paid after the purchase of the ticket, the cost will rise to 8 and 10 euros respectively.

Those passengers who won’t pay for priority boarding would be able to take with you to the salon only one small piece of hand baggage dimensions 40х20х25 see

The carrier representatives specify that frames in airports are calculated with the stock – 42х20х30 see

The reason for such changes, said Ryanair is the need to speed up boarding of passengers. Current policy, according to the airline, is the cause of the delay and does not allow for a short lasting 25 minutes, the turns of the aircraft between flights.

Under the current rules, passengers can take the free main piece of hand baggage (up to 10 kg and than 55x40x20 cm) and one personal item (35x20x20 cm, no weight restrictions).

In Ukraine Ryanair operates flights on 10 routes from Kiev and 5 from the city.

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