Saakashvili forced the journalist of BBC “lost”

Controversial Ukrainian politician Mikhail Saakashvili forced the journalist of BBC “lost”, the corresponding video was published online. On the video you can hear how the former official reluctant to answer the questions of John Fisher, in English, and then resorted to rudeness.


At the moment, Saakashvili along with supporters is in a tent camp in Kiev, near the Verkhovna Rada. BBC staff decided to interview policy, but a response is not received in the expected format. Former Odessa Governor on the issue of health replied that he was fine, and then said “Get lost” means “lost”.

This statement did not go unnoticed, and John Fisher decided to publish this video on their page. Noted that Saakashvili is now avoiding the media, although some time ago was called the publication and asked to take the official interview.