Saakashvili was not able to get to the hotel to take a shower

Mikhail Saakashvili had intended to get to the hotel “Kiev” in order to take a bath. Having failed, he returned to the tent city.


The representative of the Ministry of internal Affairs, the Deputy of the party “people’s front” Anton Gerashchenko said that the car authorities, Saakashvili surrounded himself with militants, the police do nothing to prevent the bloodshed, as, in his opinion, the former President of Georgia is committed to this, to demonstrate how beat his companions. This Gerashchenko promised to be unacceptable, noting that today Saakashvili again broke to the hotel to take a shower, but he was not allowed in the hotel.

Saakashvilii previously arrested in a criminal case to assist the members of the criminal structures and conceal their activities. Supporters of former head of the Odessa region by force repelled him from the police and then went into a camp under the walls of the Verkhovna Rada, where they demand the impeachment of Poroshenko.