SABSA is waiting for resources

(Quebec) Sept-month after the signing of the agreement between SABSA and the CIUSSS of Capitale-Nationale, the co-operative without a doctor still does not have the resources promised to pay in particular the salary of the specialized nurse practitioner Isabelle Stubborn and basic medical equipment.

“We continue with the money raised during the La Hut socio-finance campaign. We buy medical equipment such as sampling tubes and dressings, and the CIUSSS reimburses us. We’ve been signed for seven months, and things are not moving fast. They had to be raised several times [the people of the CIUSSS]. I am still not paid by the CIUSSS, and the promised social worker has still not arrived, “summed up Isabelle Têtu in an interview with Le Soleil on Tuesday, saying she had received a call from CIUSSS assuring her that she would be “hired soon”.

The social worker specializing in addiction and mental health “loaned” by the CIUSSS should start working at SABSA part-time next week (first a day, then two or three days a week).

Ms Tetu pointed out that the CIUSSS has recently opened some 18 IPS positions in FMGs and network clinics while it has been waiting for its for seven months.

“I do not think it’s bad faith, though. I understood that there were things to be settled between the CIUSSS and the union, that no one should be harmed. Our situation is atypical for both the CIUSSS and the Department of Health, “said the SABSA co-founder, who also acknowledged that” the person who is dealing with our case at CIUSSS already has a lot of files on her hands “and that That of SABSA may not be “priority”.

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1600 patients

As a reminder, the partnership agreement covers only 30% of the expenses of the Charest Boulevard cooperative, which follows some 1600 vulnerable patients. SABSA still has to pay for its premises as well as the salaries of a coordinator, receptionist, social worker and other full-time nurse.

Threatened with closure, the clinic without doctor had to launch last year in a campaign of socio-financing, which allowed him to raise $ 250,000. Faced with popular pressure, the Minister of Health, Gaétan Barrette, had agreed to contribute to the survival of the cooperative by announcing in July a partnership with the CIUSSS of the Capitale-Nationale.