Sad holidays without dad

69-300x218“It is sad to be sitting down to dinner without a holy man, but someone has to defend Ukraine,” – sighs wife “cyborg” Igor Voytsehivskoho Olya, holding two son. This small family Hodachkova, near Ternopil, preparing for Christmas, but for the first time for the holidays their daddy is away from them, and even worse – in the war. Hidden anxiety in the words of Mrs. Olga echoes with carols like “Sad Christmas Eve,” in which pain is now relevant lines: “In all our Ukraine cry at every step …” Many Ukrainian Christmas it really be unhappy, but not without hope.
I decided to go and …
Since the summer, 43-year-old Igor hatched a plan to participate in the ATO, but their plans with family not shared. “I’m going to serve!” – Confessed even before the first of September, went to the Holy Mass, confessed, and the next day went. Even got son – 10-year-old Maxim and 8-year-old Vitalyka – to school in a solemn line.
– Igor has such a nature that if something decides without fail. Before the trip to the East Ukraine not consulted nor me nor my mother, except that of his brother Andrew, a former policeman – says Ms. Olga. – “If not me, then who ?!” – put the fact. Acquired camouflage, boots, someone handed him a bullet-proof vest, in short, the day was willing to front. He left us with household chores, and it was a hot time in the village – potato and beet should dig vegetables to choose from. I had to keep the house by her mother in law.
The work work and family is not the biggest worry for the health of Igor, because he – disabled, over ten years ago, lost an eye.
– Igor easy, sees only in one eye, but do not ever on this emphasizes – said to have a “cyborg” Galina. – There used to be migrant workers in Portugal, there digging wells, laying explosive devices. Once a “thundered” splinter hit games in the eye … Just treated him abroad, then returned to Ukraine, went to the Institute. Filatov in Odessa, and doctors have not been able to save the eye, had to put the prosthesis.
They learned from TV that war games
Although care has always been ahead of the Games at rallies, campaigns, which decided the fate of Ukraine. When the revolution began last year Merits could not sit at home, but had to leave the children who, because his wife was to work in Italy.
– After beating students, security forces storming the square and I packed way back home – heart broke for our country – says Ms. Ola. – Igor met me, and in a few days went by bus to the capital of Ternopil. Last Maidan in those terrible days when people died, bore the wounded, made Molotov cocktails …
– We had confessed about that. “Clean potato, chop wood,” – said in reality was from bullets of snipers – continues the story Galina. – This is our Games – fearless and sacrificial, well, that God saves him from a terrible …
He returned from Kyiv, even when the gang managed to overthrow the government. And when we started annexation of the Crimea, Donbass capture – could not stay away.
– I watched the news and barely restrained emotion. “How can you take Ukraine ?! Why our government does nothing ?! “- outraged – recalls Ms. Ola. – Shared telephone views on the situation in the country with its fellow of the square. More “fire” when the war in the East, then decided to fight.
– Bless me! – Asked goodbye and left – wipes tears have “cyborg”. – The caller was saying, working as an instructor in a military unit in Dnepropetrovsk, we believed, and somehow the neighbors came running and said they saw it on the news. Pop TV really – our show Ihorka at the front, between the lights … After another five or six times saw him in the plots at various TV channels in the program “Braveheart.”
Dad – Warrior with “Right Sector”
“Our father – a hero, a warrior with a” Right Sector! “- One voice say Maksymko and Vitalyk, because now their father is fighting in the ranks of volunteer corps Ukrainian” Right Sector “. The children are proud of their brave father, taken from his example. “Pravosyek” – jokingly signed by senior Maksymko the Internet.
– The sons took over the spirit of patriotism from Igor. On the Square husband brought them a helmet, a huge shield, they even took them to school – smiles Ms. Ola. – Then we gave the shield to the museum in Ternopil. And recently, when a man came to leave the zone of ATO, brought a handful of guys used cartridges, now is the best for Vitalyka toys – building bridges, towers.
Igor called “Cyborg” because he is fighting in one of the hottest points – a kilometer from Donetsk airport. Some time was on the observation post and then went to the artillery. Division Ukrainian volunteer corps, which is the service of our fellow, for several months, holds the first line in the sand Defence.
– Shoot with anti-tank grenades on “syeparskyh” thing, – said Igor reporters during a meeting at the railway station in Ternopil. – Sometimes there are no charges, but we are fighting, not food, but we are fighting, lack of clothing, and still fighting!
“I pray for our soldiers and … Putin”
Recently Igor managed to escape from the front vacation home. Two weeks passed away at home for games like a flash, and he did not zasydzhuvavsya – looking for warm clothes to colleagues, negotiated on beads to dopravyty help their battalion.
– The first week of the Games away from the war, could not sleep at night, it seemed, still fighting – said Ms. Ola. – “I can not take on household chores, pull the front!” – Admitted. This also hear about other soldiers who have been at war, must go back. The games are two men with goose, ternopolyanyn Yuri Zablocki, spiritually they are there supporting our priest Peter Beets. “Cyborg” go to worship, confess, partake – it gives them strength!
– There is a moment that I do not zhurylasya for Ihorka. When traveling for the first time, hiding the tears, because I know that it does not convince, – says Galina. – Just go, I immediately went to hospital – pressure, heart … This was the second time I hold … but nearing the holidays, I would like that my son was at home, but what to do? Posylochku send him some, perhaps tradition to pass. Daily prayer Igor, for our soldiers, for Putin to Lord softened his heart, for Ukraine, for Russia … The only hope – in God.
– For the first time feels no holidays … but hotuvatymemo Holy Supper, because there are children who need to hide the alarm – says Ms. Ola. – Came to St. Nicholas and son, they were polite. One brought the helicopter, the second – skis, rackets, tank. And our greatest gift is when our dad finally back alive and well and winning!

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