Safari Park apologizes for offending people with “freedom of religion”

In the wake of the publication of a video of Muslims praying in public at Safari Park, management apologized that “freedom of religion may have offended people” and deplores the hateful and racist comments She has received since that time.

“Following a 46-second video on YouTube, it seems that the presence of this group at Safari Park offended people, whether present or not, during the day. The Safari Park is sorry that freedom of religion may have offended people. In no case was this the goal, “wrote the management in a post on Facebook on Tuesday afternoon.

The management explained that it had received last Sunday the Muslim Association of Canada, which had reserved space at the park site, located in Hemmingford, Montérégie. The group had an audio system, but it was not connected to the system of the park, it is assured.

“All the standards and regulations were respected by the group. Otherwise, the group, like any groups or visitors who do not respect the rules, would have been expelled from the site “, it is written in the message.

Management insists that the park is open to everyone “regardless of nationality, religion, color, culture or sexual orientation”.

“Safari Park will not accept any hate or inappropriate vocabulary on our social networks, by phone or on its site,” she concludes.

Management did not respond to the Canadian Press interview request on Tuesday afternoon.

On the video of a few seconds published on YouTube last Sunday, we see a group of people clustered in a place on the lawn and we hear, in the distance, a man in a loudspeaker.

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“We’re too accommodating,” says a woman close to the person who is filming the video.

“I, in public places, prayers, I am not for that,” adds another woman.

On the Facebook page of the park, several Internet users have criticized it and some have even called for a boycott.

“[Plus] never me or my family will go to the safari park Muslim prayers over loudspeaker, it was too much hope that you will lose your Quebec clientele,” wrote a surfer called Jo Claude .

Others thanked Park Safari for its response. “Why the constant fear of everything that is not identical to us? We’re all human. And that’s all. Congratulations to Parc Safari! “Said a lady called Michelle Lalonde.