Sahaidak: Object on the excavation in the area is impossible to preserve

Сагайдак: Объект на раскопках под Почтовой площадью невозможно законсервировать

The Director of the state enterprise “Centre of archaeology Kyiv” Michael Sagaydak supported the position of the Kyiv city state administration that conservation was found at the Postal square artifacts directly on the site impossible. He stated this during a press conference in the building of the Institute of archaeology of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.

“I never said that the facility at the Postal square need to preserve. Conservation then and there, impossible. If we put just a log without stratigraphy (visual demonstration of the interposition of the cultural layers, – an edition), and will not tell you about each historical layer, people do not understand,” – said the archaeologist.

According to him, Ukraine does not have technologies of preservation of artifacts, therefore, it is necessary to attract international experts, who will help to keep found.

“I’m not a conservative. I can only control the work of the conservatives. The establishment of a Centre for conservation is a good idea of the Kiev administration, which I support. Think on that object must operate the world’s leading experts, so I support the proposal to give the expedition an international status. And I’ll work with foreign archaeologists,” said Sagaidak.

Recall that the Institute of archaeology of NAS of Ukraine informed in an open letter explained the situation with the excavations at the Postal square. Also on 14 August, the Institute of archaeology of Ukraine announced that it has signed an agreement with the developer of the Postal square to the continuation of archaeological excavations.

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