Saint-Georges: the accused of the crime of mortal flight was in “psychological distress”

“He was very sick.” It took a drama for the “psychological distress” of Michel Bélanger-Morin, 24, to be taken care of, distressing the mother of the accused in the An offense of lethal flight that occurred Monday at Saint-Georges de Beauce.
She does not blame the system in place, nor is she looking for a capital of sympathy for the act committed by her son, she repeated to the Sun on several occasions. “I understand the family to be seen as bad guys. In their place, I would do the same. Their anger is legitimate, “confides the mother, shaken.
Earlier Tuesday, his son Michel Bélanger-Morin appeared at the Saint-Joseph-de-Beauce courthouse to face six counts.
He is accused of a crime of flight, dangerous driving and criminal negligence causing the death of Gabriel St-Laurent, 52 years old, and causing injuries on the latter’s spouse, Manon Brunelle.
“We did not have an official diagnosis, but he was treated for psychosis,” says the mother of the accused. “He was sick. We wanted to help him, but they do not want help. “The problem is that” they do not think they are sick, they think they are being persecuted. ”
For three years now, his son Michel did not open the door and did not answer the phone. He lives alone in Saint-Georges, very close to where the accident occurred. “We were not able to re-establish contact. He was suspicious because he had been hospitalized once, “she says. “They told us we could not get him treated because he was not dangerous to him or to others. […] We had to wait for him to arrive to be obliged … It is there that we are rendered, “she said, the voice strangled by emotion.
“When this happened, I went to the scene to find out if he was still alive. He did not pick up his garbage, and I and his father were worried. “She finally arrived just after the drama. “When I saw the ribbons, I said to myself:” He committed suicide, something happened, for sure. ”
If her son is still alive, “there are lights that will never light up again in our family,” concludes the mother.
The impact occurred around 1 pm Monday on 127th Street, near 27th Avenue, while Gabriel St. Laurent, a resident of St. George, was walking with his spouse on the edge of the roadway. Projected over 30 feet, the man was taken to the hospital, where his death was found.
The driver, meanwhile, escaped by car following the impact. The Sûreté du Québec managed to locate it in Sainte-Aurélie, some 30 kilometers from the accident site, where the fugitive had abandoned his automobile near a commercial garage.
SQ officers conducted walking research for 5 to 10 minutes, approximately 200 meters, in a wooded area before arresting the individual. The arrest would not have been smooth, the agents of the Sûreté du Québec needing reinforcement to contain the suspect.
Michel Bélanger-Morin remains detained pending the legal proceedings, scheduled for Thursday.

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