Sainte-Foy open air base: no question of rifles!

Although the word “chasse” has been associated with the future management of the Sainte-Foy Open Air Base, no animal will fall under the bullets.
“No, we’re almost in downtown Quebec, it’s clear that there will be no weapons on the site!” Says Jean Boudreault, president of the new organization Groupe Plein Air Faune to which the City of Québec Will entrust the management of the Outdoor Base.
He does not hide being asked a few questions the day after Monday’s announcement. Perhaps because the terms “hunting” and “wildlife” evoke guns and traps. But there will be no question of shots, he assures. Rather everything that surrounds the hunt.
“The activities will allow people to discover what hunting, trapping and fishing are all about in Quebec,” Boudreault continues. The only “weapon” will be a bow and arrows. The archery, already practiced on the Base, could moreover be “enhanced”, he added.
At the other end of the spectrum, Jean Boudreault is enthusiastic about enumerating wildlife and hunting activities: animal class, interpretation, regulatory information, thematic trails, and the identification of footprints of different animals. There are many possibilities, he hopes, of “triggering passions” and of training the next generation.
Fishing will be done on site at the Outdoor Base. As for hunting, the young and the youngest interested will always be able to push the discovery further. But outside the base of Sainte-Foy.
On Monday, Mayor Régis Labeaume announced that he would entrust the management of the site to the new Groupe Plein Air Faune, composed of the Quebec Outfitters Federation, the Quebec Federation of Atlantic Salmon, the Quebec Trappers’ Federation And the ZECS of Quebec. Approximately 40 employees from these organizations will be working in the future $ 9.4 million building at the Outdoor Base. The agency will pay rent to the City.
“Huge potential”
Jean Boudreault reiterated on Tuesday the “enormous potential” of the site “over four seasons”.
He thinks of the “fishing camp” look-outs, special camps such as hiking and fishing, happening days, in addition to activities that already exist such as canoeing, kayaking, skiing Bottom or slip.
As for tariffs, Jean Boudreault assures that they will be similar or “slightly increased” compared to those that currently prevail.

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