Salad of the season

Jonathan Drouin and Marc Bergevin.

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First of all, in Canada, a few days after our last paper, Marc Bergevin did what he said he would not do, that is to say, trade one of its young hopefuls to first plan in return for a star player potential in the attack. Want, want, want…

Even if it has downplayed the impact of this change, of course, can be pressed by the situation or its owner…

Bergevin has yielded to the temptation to put a hand on an offensive player capable of making the CH team more threatening. The idea of sacrificing the young Sergachev is inconsistent with what the ceo of the Canadian has always preached, but first of all, do it in return of a hope for 22 years, this is not a bad idea.

The position of the CH at the draft (25th in the first round) does not promote a magic trick, or a first choice that would change the face of the attack now.

Sergachev, also promising it to be and despite some reservations, observers, junior, would not have helped the CH to the left from this year. The only match he played in April in Detroit has left us with the impression that Sergachev was in need of game time with the Rocket de Laval.

Drouin, in his case, an ill-loved in the Lightning, has never been able to really get the trust of all the group of men’s hockey. Quite often, the countenance of his coach Jon Cooper behind the bench, has betrayed him. Drouin was not the favorite there. The economic environment is excellent for him in Montreal, because the public is thirsty for a player spectacular able to electric. The HP needs a few more goals.

The arrival of Claude Julien in the past year, also brings to the table for that Drouin can continue to grow in a better environment. Long labeled as a coach ultra defensive, Julien has developed in Boston of the offensive players more valuable, as Brad Marchand. Who would have thought! A project that Julian has put forward brilliantly. In a style more different, Patrice Bergeron, one of the players the most reliable of the NHL, has always been able to score important goals. Julien has made them responsible without the choke. The proof, these two stars are among the best markers of the NHL year after year.

Drouin will benefit from this environment. It will also be supported and not stifled, as it may be to Tampa. Coach Cooper has made his bed with Palat, Johnson and Kucherov. It is these guys. Drouin was not part of the clique. In Montreal, the young skater from Sainte-Adele will join a group that has need of his finesse and his spectacular play at the net. It will securely Max Pacioretty and Alex Galchenyuk.

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Speaking of Russian…

Interesting that all expect to see him leave Montreal in the coming days. But why is that so?

The secret the less well-kept in Montreal that is the difficulty with which the direction of the team seems to have to deal with the character rather stubborn young man. Have we not seen a few similar cases in the past? Weren’t we fed up sometimes, a couple years ago, by the attitude a bit “above his business” of Carey Price? Today, we find it, with reason, as the soul and the leader’s ultimate team. Difficult to predict exactly what will become of Galchenyuk in a few years, but the best way to see it is to wait at least another season.

Bergevin has all the cards in his or her game in front of him. Galchenyuk may not seek autonomy or complete claim transaction, unless Bergevin wants to do it, and it may not require a long-term contract is too lucrative for the moment. His agent, Pat Brisson, a personal friend of the ceo, and recognized as one of the best of his profession, has said bluntly that Galchenyuk is expected to have to deal with a contract in the short term. One year, not more.

Galchenyuk has no choice. He will play in the KHL or with the CH on a short-term contract. These are the only options available to him. Even if he was praying Bergevin of the exchange, the CH is not required. On the contrary, the CH should take advantage of it and put the young man in a situation where he must demonstrate that his season of 30 goals wasn’t a fire of straw. The situation as Galchenyuk in a responsible approach. If Galchenyuk wants to fine dollar, it must show that he deserves, that he deserves the confidence of its patrons and for this, it will be necessary to keep it at least another year.

This would be between you and me, a great news for Trevor Timmins if Galchenyuk will eventually become the offensive player as hoped, and the centre to share it. After having seen to leave the choice of the first round by all the exit doors, the last in contention are Nathan Beaulieu, Timmins has the need to see a success like the one that were Carey Price and Max Pacioretty in the early 2000s.

The expansion draft to make room for the Golden Knights of Las Vegas will result in a movement of staff interesting. It will force as few dg hesitant to make transactions and move. They don’t have a choice.

The Canadian may well be, as some of the teams, take advantage of the opportunity, maneuvering skillfully to patch up a few holes. The most important is in the center. Maybe still there, in the short term, Galchenyuk is the only solution, unless a surprise…

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The other gap to fill, it is the left-hand seat alongside Shea Weber. Andrei Markov has a lot more hockey behind him than in front, therefore he could not be a solution for the CH. It takes a left-handed solid ability to move his feet and he also has a good vision of the game. The recent past has allowed us to see that it is possible to find beautiful surprises. Is it trolling to somewhere in the NHL a version defense Phillip Danault?

Where comes the quality of men’s hockey that has an organization, what are the ways to find answers. Being able to put the hand on players who have yet to offer, especially in a League where the dominant players are getting younger and younger. Unfortunately, for the moment, as the quality of the development suffers in the Canadian, we will have to look elsewhere to fill the gap. And seen the departure of Sergachev, that could be a solution to the limit, the need is even more urgent at this place.


Never so much power has been given to one man in the recent history of the NHL. It may need to return to the time when Mr. Sam Pollock succeed in everything he touched.

George McPhee was given the keys to the vault. He will have the opportunity to select a team fairly competitive, with choices unexpected available on the lists of players who are not protected published this last weekend.

It seems clear that the foundation of the Golden Knights will be on the shoulders of Marc-Andre Fleury. But “Flower” will be supported by a team who will not be stung worms. Las Vegas is a market that is attractive for the players of the NHL.

In regards to other teams, as it is difficult to predict at the time of writing these lines who will lose what, in the light of the comments heard in recent days, which seems to hurt some players it is to wake up with their name written in the box of the non-protected.

Jonathan Marchessault, after a season of 30 goals for the Panthers, said it was a “slap to his ego”. Dion Phaneuf has placed the dg of the Senses, Pierre Dorion, in a difficult situation. The Meaning could lose Marc Méthot, a good friend of the captain Karlsson, by reason of the contract of Phaneuf and its clauses. These few examples show that a few egos have been skinned.

The players accept that hockey is a business and will pass quickly in the towel defending the colors of their team, even if for a few days, it will have been on a list of “we don’t want you”. It is to be expected that some individuals more sensitive might take it wrong. Realize that the team for which you fought has been left unprotected, it hurts. Coaches and general managers of the NHL will have to move the mop with some. A round of golf, a visit to the summer residence or a lavish dinner at the resto, there will be some wounds of the soul to repair. The Canadian is no exception.

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The after-expansion will be very captivating. Some teams will probably be in the obligation to trade a few souls injured. With a salary cap that is stagnating again, it will make things even more exciting for the fans.

The draft

Even if auction amateur 2017 does not seem very rich in talent, it remains that there are definitely players who, in a few years, will make some recruiters geniuses.

There doesn’t seem to have eyes for Nico Hischier and Nolan Patrick. It is in this kind of draft that some of the pearls can be highlighted, as Cale Makar, a defender gifted who has turned his back to the WHL to play in Tier 2, so to prepare for a career start in the american universities. Makar will be attending probably never the university if we listen to some recruiters. This kind of gifted can sneak up and cause a surprise.

Erik Karlsson of the Senators is now the comparison used for this kind of player is ultra talented. The kind of risk around these players doesn’t scare off anyone. To see Karlsson leading his team to the gates of the final of the Cup, it is a dream. Makar also dreaming. Teams like Dallas and Philadelphia, could be shaken by this kind of player.

That will happen when the CH will speak at the 25th rank? The central recruitment of the NHL has listed the names of two Quebec likely to be available when the CH talk: Pierre-Olivier Joseph, a defender of Charlottetown, and Maxime Comtois, a left winger from Victoriaville Tigers, have been classified at the end of the first round. The two have a beautiful talent according to those who evaluated them and met them this year in the QMJHL, but at the end of the first round in a draft that looks a little exciting, these are not players perfect.

It would add, however, is the happiness that we got to see Drouin make the blue-white-red on his back last week. And one thing is certain: nobody wants to revisit the episode, Louis Leblanc, while the Canadian has chosen alex instead of Chris Kreider, a leading player in the Rangers. Leblanc, himself, at the age of 26, has put an end to his career to continue his studies.

A guy from us? Yes, if it is the best player available. Timmins was preferred to Max Pacioretty David Perron in 2007; it has not been popular, but it did not make a mistake.