Samoilov argues that forgot the words of her song at the Eurovision song contest

Самойлова утверждает, что не забыла слова своей песни на  Евровидении

Samoilov argues that forgot the words of her song at Eurovision
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Julia Samoylova. Photo:

According to the singer, during a performance of her “I was overwhelmed with emotion.”

Russian singer Yulia Samoilova said that she forgot the words during his speech at the “Eurovision-2018”. About it the actress said during the press conference, gave RT.

Samoilova have asked if there’s any truth to the speculation that she forgot the words to the song, what a performance, according to most experts and ordinary listeners failed.

– No. I was overcome with emotions. Before going out I almost cried… I had so many emotions that I thought I better catch my breath… so it wasn’t a lump in my throat, – said the artist.

After a speech on “Euro-2018” many commentators in social networks singer accused of unwillingness or ability to sing, and the stars of Russian show-business in General recognized that the competition had to send a stronger vocalist.

Mom Samoilova later said that Julia went to the competition already being broken, because before that came out kopana song I Won’t Break, which the audience greeted with hostility.

– Julia was broken before the show. It happened after the first wave of negativity, when they aired the clip…last year she was supported. And this flows like one negative. So everyone already knew that the girl was going to “Eurovision” broken… When initially, all the world over clip laughed, was such a violent reaction to the video that regretted the money that Russia is a shame that zero cents invested in a clip, mom said Samoilova.


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Julia Samoylova was crying in the dressing room after not reached the final of “Eurovision”.