Samsung and LG announced the cessation of production of LCD TVs in China

Samsung and LG has announced that soon will cease production of models of its LCD TVs in China. Experts suggested that was the reason for this.

Experts suggest that this situation resulted from the fact that the current US administration imposed large tariffs on a range of goods imported from China.

Consequently, the goods produced there for sale in the United States have become less competitive. First and foremost, this applies to TVs with diagonals screens 40-50 inch.

The official representative of Samsung confirmed this version. He reported an increase in customs duty for deliveries from China to USA. Now it reaches 25% of the value of the goods. Therefore, obtaining a direct profit will be problematic.

LG announced that at the present time is seeking options to move production of its TVs from China to other countries.

At the same time, analysts point out that from China to USA imported no more than 10% of LCD TVs manufactured by Samsung and LG.