Samsung has gone the Apple way

Samsung пошла по пути Apple

Samsung intends to withdraw from race technology, focusing on the cultivation of the convenience of its products for the end user, said senior Vice President of industrial design don-Tae Lee. In his view, innovation today has faded into the background, while their place was taken by the paradigm of comfort.

The consumer doesn’t have to think about how does this or that function does.

“While developing each product, we to Samsung focus on ease of use to the consumer to distinguish our products from competitors’ products,” — said a top Manager.

The company took several years to understand how important this is. Awareness of the need for change to the leadership of Samsung has come after the release of Galaxy S5, which consumers around the world considered a failed copy of Galaxy S4.

This point can be considered a turning point in the fate of the company, says Lee, because just then began the first steps to redefining branded line of smartphones. We experimented a lot, Frank Lee.

First of all it was planned to change the appearance of products that are not attracted to people the same as Apple products. Then it was decided to equip the smartphones in the premium housing made of glass and metal, but at the same time and make interaction with them easier.

So the Galaxy appeared the scanner of the iris. Today Samsung, finally finding its way, constantly working to simplify what previously seemed extraordinarily complex.

Modern smartphones are not only more technologically advanced and more comfortable than their predecessors and, therefore, able to attract far more consumers.