Samsung will begin producing displays for the new iPhone in may

South Korean company Samsung will begin production of displays for the new iPhone in the coming may. This is reported by Western news agencies. If you believe their words that the “Apple” smartphones are the new generation will have gowienica displays.

Brand manufacturer Samsung will launch OLED displays for future smartphones in may, in June, this production will be doubled. It should be noted, according to unconfirmed reports, in 2018 Apple will launch three iPhone – they become maggot X iPhone Plus, iPhone X with a small screen, and the next-generation iPhone. All devices will get a new iron. Although experts claim that no X budget iPhone will not and can not be. Everything will be standard – two smartphones and all. It is possible that Apple will just release an iPhone X by adding the prefix, as it is in iOS. Producing budget smartphones and feature device Home button is to compete with the flagship iPhone X, which is very disadvantageous.

In the history of the displays is not known whether Apple to negotiate with Samsung about the discount, because the first pays for the OLED screens for $ 200, which is the lion’s share of the price of the device. Therefore, the company requested some kind of discount.

It is also worth noting that Samsung make the screens for the iPhone has more money than from selling their own phones. One screen South Korean company gets as much as $ 110 net profit.