Sandrine Quétier in the face of criticism : “It is not easy”

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Sandrine Quétier, the official photo of “Dancing with the stars 8”

The public is not always tender.

Saturday 14 October 2017, Sandrine Quétier will be at the controls of Dancing with the stars 8 (TF1). On this occasion, the beautiful facilitator of 46-year-old was the guest of the fifth edition of #AQH on and if it is assigned on the new features of the program.

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After having admitted that the pressure rose because there were a lot of changes this year, the acolyte of Nikos Aliagas said : “I think that between Friday and Saturday, I’m going to spend 48 hours to complete on the board. The tray moves around a lot, we have a new red room, elevated position, we have a new judge, Nicolas Archambault, two new dancers, a new dancer and new co-hosts, so it changes a lot this year !”

New features which provide an extra pressure, of course, but it can also allow you to start a new challenge : “there is talent in the string, it will be rather nice to see them succeed. And for me, this is an exercise that will be fun since I’ll have to revise my copy each week, they have completely different ways of animating.”

Remains to be seen whether the public will be conquered. Sandrine Quétier is expected all the same to some criticism of the share of internet users who are not still tender : “twenty years ago, there was the six strings and there were no social networks. When one is moderator, one is loved or hated, this is normal, you can’t please everyone. I think that if twenty years ago there had been this pressure of social networks, it would have been difficult to manage for someone who starts. Me, now, I have an old carcass.” And to add : “I can well enough take distance compared to some of the criticisms. This is not easy to read some things, luckily I back !”

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