Sarah-Eve’s memory will be honored in Windsor

Just over a year after the death of Sarah-Eve Fontaine, the City of Windsor will set up a space to honor her memory.

The project is led by city councilor Gaétan Graveline, who is a good friend of the Sarah-Eve Fontaine family. “When he left, the city council wanted to do something to commemorate his passage. Since I knew her and her family, I did not want anyone to do anything. So I brought the idea of ​​making a space in his honor, “explains Mr. Graveline.

By chance, there is a small, unoccupied lot in the center of Windsor that just needs to be used. The advisor then jumped at the opportunity to achieve something unique and creative. Once his model of the space was finished, he phoned the mother of the young woman, Annie Lussier, to tell him to come and see what he had done.

“It was like that, but when Gaétan called me, it was my daughter’s birthday. From that moment, I grasped the evolutionary side that he wanted to give to this space, of which his nature is not a park. We do not want to name Sarah-Eve, but we want to celebrate her passage and there is a continuity in all that. That the City of Windsor wants to honor my daughter’s life is a huge thing, “says Lussier.

In the image of sarah-Eve

From this point of view, space will be transformed according to the seasons and the various projects. All this will tend to harmonize with the tastes and pastimes of Sarah-Eve to be the most faithful to her memory.

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“This project will represent life. It will move, it will change according to the needs and the experience of all. She loved to touch everything, be it the arts, nature or gatherings. It looks so like this space. I also told Gaétan that it was as if he had access to my daughter’s Pinterest. Thanks to that, it’s as if my daughter were going to lend it to anyone who needs it. It is the most beautiful thing one can have after the death of a child. It’s a real balm, “she says with great emotion.

“It is a place of creation seasoned with humanism. We want it to be humble and space is not a pale copy of something elsewhere. It is in the image of Sarah-Eve and our city, “believes Mr. Graveline.

Collective gardens will be installed. There will also be a bitumen driveway that will cross the park. Here, visitors can take chalks left there and write messages. Other elements such as panels, benches or ropes, will allow to organize exhibitions for example. Construction of this project is expected to begin by the end of the summer.

It should be remembered that the Windsoroise died on June 20, 2016 following a severe pneumonia at the age of 21 years. The young woman has led a long fight against cystic fibrosis. She had a lung transplant in 2015.