How to save the family budget?

032-300x175Prices continue to rise like yeast. Not every day on the shelves we await nasty surprises: the more expensive the hryvnia, another – for five salaries … is the place zrushuvatysya does not want. It turns out that for your income can afford to have much less. After the Prime Minister of the country task set to “survive” hope for the immediate improvement of life were almost utopian. How ternopolyan our lowest wages and unemployment to cope with another crisis? The answer begs the obvious – even more savings.

Shopping fed and go with a list

“Tighten their belts” when already obhodyshsya necessary, is not easy. Try to isolate some tips to somehow help to keep the penny in the family budget.

According to statistics, about half of their household income Ternopil spend on food. Prices of food and non-alcoholic beverages in January-October, statistics show that increased by 19.2%. In November-December, assuming this percentage has increased significantly. Among the champions rise – fruits, poultry, meat, fish, oil.

Few can afford delicacies, so saving is necessary not only for goodies at whim, but also on conventional foods daily menu.

Many already know tips on how to buy food, but if they are not put into practice, the result will be. A good option if the hostess is the menu for a few days for it to be and balanced and economical. After all, if you come up with that today prepare, in the shop is more likely that the purchases are not balanced. Important advice – go shopping with a list, as in supermarkets, for example, necessary goods spread away from the entrance. To reach the bread, we must get past the racks of chips, sweets, delicious sausages, so the list will navigate the food kingdom. For products should not go if you are hungry. The best option for shopping in the supermarket is satisfied man on the list.

Buy in bulk, uniting with friends

Of course, buying food in the market, there are more ways to save and choose the product that best suits you, plus you can bargain. Cereals, sugar, oil, household chemicals, toiletries – all products that can be stored for a long time, you can purchase from on gurtovnya. To get a larger discount, we must unite with friends and buy goods for two or three families. When choosing a product, do not rush to buy what more one on TV. For advertising included in the price of the product and does not guarantee that its quality is higher than the less famous counterpart.

If you want to save, will minimize eating in restaurants or cafes and pizza, for example, to prepare at home. The same goes for lunch at work – if money tight, come to the aid rations home.

Buying clothes and shoes, guided not on brand and quality. Ukrainian producers in recent years delight consumers with quality clothing made from natural materials, high-quality footwear factory. The principle of “if only cheaper” is not suitable for clothes, because quality, albeit more expensive thing you can wear for several seasons. The question is: to not needlessly pay more for a product whose quality does not match the price.

Fans of mass-market are obliged to follow the discounts and promotions offered by retailers. You can often find discounts on second and third pair of shoes in one check. Joining together with friends, get everyone on shoes at a substantial discount.

With online shopping you should be careful

Avoid large margins can be buying things in shops. The main thing – to take inspected sites not to be deceived. For shopping should start a separate bank card and be careful not to fall into the clutches of scams that have recently intensified significantly in network spaces.

Save on non-food items can be buying a product is not in season. For example, skiing – in the spring and swimsuit – fall. The choice will be less, but the price is much nicer.

The Stock shops and second-hand today also offer quality branded products. Some of them are new, some – Used or buy what someone has already worn – matter. In these stores you can find not only clothes, but also home furnishings, tableware and accessories.

Less light and water – fuller wallet

Save money and have utilities, because payments increased record. Save water, electricity, heat – questions not only financial, but also ecological. In fairness, I must admit that Ukrainian not used sparingly treat the same water. While in many European countries thrift resources has become the norm.

To consume less water, check for leaking taps. Experts advise to exclude water stream when namylyuyete head or brush your teeth. It looks and washing dishes, all namylyly you spolosnuly. It will take much less water than if each plate opoliskuvaty under running separately. Some home set on cranes miksernu nozzle, it mixes air and water, saving the last one. It is appropriate Save water will be a quick shower.

Savings electricity include the washing machine when the drum is full, move the refrigerator away from the battery, the computer and the TV instead of Hibernation, turn off completely. Because “the remote” TV continues to operate with electricity. Save a few dozen USD per month and can transport. If possible, instead of the bus, sit in the trolley. Minor, seemingly steps will help reduce stress on the family budget.

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