SBU caught the Russian military, who fought on the side of “FSC”

 Russian military
Russian military

When making counterintelligence measures by the Security Service of Ukraine got the regular proof of active military involvement of in illegal paramilitary and armed formations on the territory of Ukraine.
The press center of the SBU.
“In particular, in the Luhansk region gained documentary material participation in the activities of a terrorist organization” FSC “soldier, citizen of Grygorova IV born in 1972 – Squad BMD 1” – said in a statement.
Reportedly, the military ticket Grygorova is marking his acceptance for military service July 7, 2014.
“This is another evidence that Russia carries out its military recruitment and directs military operations in Ukraine – against Ukrainian citizens” – underscored the SBU.
“All the evidence included in the relevant criminal proceedings” – added in a statement.

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