SBU conducted a search of the Ternopil Oblast Football Federation

marynovskyy321-300x218Press service of the Ternopil Regional Football Federation denies informatsiyiyupro a search in the office of toffee.

– Authors provocation that appeared on some sites Ternopil benefited reports on the situation in the Football Federation of Ukraine, resorted to blatant and cynical lie regarding Ternopil known businessman and philanthropist, Chairman of the Ternopil Regional Football Federation, Vice-President Vladimir Marynovskoho FFU. In fact, in the office of the Ternopil Regional Football Federation SBU any search conducted. It is not difficult to guess who benefits this writing. At the Ternopil football turns a lot of “speculators” who collect money for the needs of commands cheeky gamble, play betting and often heated in this hand. A Marynovskyy them like a bone in the throat, because with the patriots football Ternopil hard fighting corruption and fraud in Ukrainian football – said in a statement Ternopil regional federation.

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