SBU conducted searches in the offices of the company, which owns a network of filling stations OKKO

СБУ провела обыски в офисах компании, владеющей сетью АЗС ОККО

Yesterday, August 21, SBU searched the offices of PJSC “Concern Galnaftogaz”. This information was confirmed by the beneficiary of the concern Vitaly Antonov on his page in Facebook.

Searches were conducted in the framework of criminal proceedings on signs of the crime provided by h. 3 art. 110-2 criminal code of Ukraine – “Financing of acts committed with the purpose of violent change or overthrow the constitutional order or seizure of state power, changes of borders of the territory or state border of Ukraine”. In particular, the concern has charged that a network of company-owned filling stations under the brand OKKO operates in the occupied territories of Donetsk and Luhansk regions and in Crimea.

The SBU confirmed the fact of searches, reports “Interfax-Ukraine”.

“Searches were conducted in Kyiv and Lviv by the court in criminal proceedings under article 110-2”, – quotes Agency the message of Department.

According to the report, released by the press service of the SBU, law enforcement was able to locate a funding mechanism occupation administrations through the unlawful operation of a network of filling stations.

“Law enforcement officers found that some Ukrainian businesses organized illegal scheme to maintain control over the activities of the network stations in the temporarily occupied territories of Crimea (at least nine stations) and Donetsk region (about ten stations). Business management of petrol stations were carried out by the management of the parent structure. With the income received from the sale of products of gas station dealers pay in the “budgets” of the occupation administrations, the so-called taxes, according to the Department.

“We reiterate that, since 2014, our company does not work in the temporarily occupied territories. Our filling complexes on the territory of the so-called DNR were looted and in some cases destroyed, and we lost complete control over them. The fate of these gas stations – for objective reasons – remains unknown to us. We are not operated and not operated petrol stations in the territory. Thus, according to Ukrainian legislation and open public registers, together with the international investment Fund ADM Capital and remain the owners of these petrol stations that have purchased or built before the tragic events of 2014. Most of the petrol stations transferred to the mortgage of the International Finance Corporation (world Bank group) in attracting us foreign investment for the development of the network of filling stations in the region until 2014,” said representatives of the company during the press-service that was held today, August 22, at the press center “Ukrainian news”.

As for the Crimean filling stations network, they were leased to another company in 2014, “Concern Galnaftogaz” did not ensure their functioning.

“I want to emphasize that we are not given the right to use the trademark “OKKO” on the territory of Crimea in any way. According to open public registries of Ukraine, our company continues to be the official owner of the gas station, which she purchased prior to 2014 established by law in the territory of the Crimea”, – said the representative of the company.

Earlier, the Luhansk city Council said that in Lugansk started to work a gas station. Among gas stations, which restored its work, was called and the gas station network “OKKO”. The group has denied this information.

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