SBU plans to monitor the content of channels that have fallen under the control of Portnov – Gritsak

СБУ планирует отслеживать контент каналов, перешедших под управление Портнова, - Грицак

SBU plans to track the content that will be aired by TV channels that have fallen under the control of ex-Deputy head of the presidential administration of times of Victor Yanukovych Andriy Portnov. In the case if it finds grounds to open a criminal case, said the head of the SBU Basil Gritsak during a briefing, transfers “Interfax-Ukraine”.

Hrytsak said that the public was not provided with any documents confirming the transition under the control of Portnov channel NewsOne and giving the opportunity to determine whether the threat to national security.

“I guess it is easy to predict whose millstone will be to pour water the channels that will curate in the future, Mr. Portnow. I have little faith in that, sitting in Russia, he will agitate for the restoration of the Ukrainian border, for the restoration of state sovereignty, the restoration of control over Crimea, to restore order in the Donbass and that it was the Ukrainian to hold legitimate elections and the withdrawal of Russian troops from the territory of Ukraine,” – said hrycak.

The head of the SBU confirmed that the Service will monitor the channel’s content and make decisions accordingly.

“We can’t talk right now, that someone has committed a crime, it will be falsely. If there are signs of committing a crime, they will be documented and classified accordingly, and then they will make decisions about entering or not in eRDR,” he said.

Earlier, the former first Deputy head of the presidential Administration Andriy Portnov said that the father of the MP Evgeniy murayev Vladimir gave him control of the TV channel NewsOne.

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