The school in Ternopil hacked dog in front of children

510-1024x768-300x225Young dog on site Zbarazh boarding school staff school boiler tied to a tree and hacked to death with an ax. Witnesses of the incident were students.
Children addressed to the editor PERIOD , provided photos and video. In school administration initially said that the incident did not know then was told that the animal had to kill because the Boiler well defended.
The incident occurred on November 20, about a month students were silent, say they were threatened at school and warned if a case learn on campus, they will have problems. The names of the students do not specify security reasons.
In Zbarazkiy regional municipal boarding school for children with small and damped TB teach children different: some – from intact families, most – orphans and orphan in some patients.
According to the students, soon saw the brutality of the Boiler, they reported to the administration of the institution, but there rather than deal began to threaten students and ordered to remain silent.
Chopped dead dog some time just lying on the territory of the boarding school, where he watched the children, some taking pictures, then show to adults. Later, as told Students animal’s body the same boiler workers secretly buried.
Journalists days in boarding originally said that the murder of the dogs did not know.
– This dog all the students loved it constantly running here with us at the school, no one ever bit the contrary, he loved to play with children – says the boy who witnessed the incident. – Just in school work zhyvodory who hacked an innocent animal.
Students say the men who work in the boiler room, rudely turned to children at work drunk, students simply afraid. A few guys who saw the killing of animals, despite everything, decided to tell the public about the case, find the perpetrators must be punished and the world should be justice.
The director of the institution is on vacation, but journalists quickly sent to the deputy and give your mobile.
– The killing of dogs, and that you, the first time I hear – said Natalia Salamanyuk, deputy director of educational work Zbarazh Sanitary boarding school. – Students nothing told us. We ourselves understand, but I ask you not write about it, let’s somehow agree.
However, realizing that fail to agree, Natalia Salamanyuk promises to understand the situation and provide details. On the same day at school begin to interview children, time of call back and say that at school they are asked not to talk too much.
– I spoke with the children soon they were all white when seen. Children were simply shocked and cruelty case – said the mother of one of the students. – The guys back then would all teach the internet, but I told them that God sees everything and once every secret will be known.
When journalists call the next day the deputy director called and said that it was possible to know. As a woman, the fact of killing animals still occurred, however, as she told it was self-defense. She said the children in the day it was brought to the court in which they took classes in recreational physical activity through nezahorodzhenu of the court and ran the dog began to bite children, and then, though, bit by the Boiler.
– He defended what was at hand, whether it was some kind of stick or stone, I do not know – says Natalia Salamanyuk.
The woman claims that the sight of a dog just nailed students, and finished off already as children were taken, that they have not seen the worst. When asked about which doctor they brought children after their dog had bitten, the teacher said. He says medical advice they have not sought.
Why children are bitten dog, do not show the doctor – is unknown, because if the dog was homeless, children were required to be vaccinated. Doctors say if the animal is bitten someone, is the owner, then it must observe two weeks. On the fourteenth day of the veterinary service should go and see if the dog is all right. If bitten by stray dogs, even with light scratches and minor bites must enter the vaccine. It turns out that children who are bitten dog, do not receive medical care.
When asked if the school management knows that for cruelty to animals, causing death, criminal liability, Natalia Salamanyuk said that they will understand, but at my place.
Boiler boarding school, among other things, says the administration is working on the wood, so employees holding an ax in his hands.
Communicate with employees era boiler failed at school say they do not know them to mobile numbers, fixed, maybe not at all. School steward calls from the wording does not match at all.
Children say they now shun the boiler room tenth way, people do not want the death of beloved dogs and firemen fear.
The attack of stray dogs on children described Natalia Salamanyuk not know anything Mayor Zbarazh Roman Polikrovskyy.
– To me they are not accessed in the City Council were reported no complaints regarding the incident – said the official.
Roman Polikrovskyy promises to go to the police and find out all the circumstances.
At the same time, parents and students worried or not put in place a dog boarding school student.
Elena Dejneka volunteer organization “Noah’s Ark”, business coach
Wild dog just never zabizhyt people and starts to bite, because these animals are usually kept apart, they are afraid to approach people. If the dog keeps a certain area, school, kindergarten, then the more the animal could not rush to bite children. Preferably in such areas, children who do not have a pet, lure these animals bring something tasty dog ​​will not bite people who are food gets.
It could be that unless there was something there, maybe one of the kids somehow provoked the animal could bite … Also female having puppies.
I have 5 years feed stray dogs in the industrial zone, nor I, nor the people who work with me, there was no case to dog just bitten.

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