Scientists announced the largest ever research the collision of galaxies

Representatives of the astronomical community from Peru expressed that they found, through research, the largest ever recorded collisions of galaxies. The text of this study was described in the Astrophysical Journal, which published the day before.


Scientists say that initially noticed the rapidly forming elliptical galaxy ADFS-27. Its mass is bigger than the milky Way, about fifty times. The object is distant from the Earth at a distance of approximately 12.7 billion light years. Actually, the very fact of the formation of the FS-27 is a merger of two galaxies, which were located once for 30 thousand light years from each other. For some time they were moving towards each other at about one hundred kilometers per second.

Given how far they are from Earth and how intensively involved in star formation, most likely, soon we will be able to witness perhaps the most powerful merger of galaxies in the history of scientific research, which is known today“, – said the head of the research group Dominic Richards.

Monitoring ADFS-27 was carried out in ALMA, which is located in the Chilean Atacama desert. Experts also believe that the galactic “Union” will attract at the time, and other clusters of smaller size.