Scientists are baffled by intelligent beings that lived on Earth before humans

A team of scientists put forward the theory of evolution, which has received the name “Silurian” hypothesis. The article described the concerns of the experts of the fate of intelligent beings who lived on Earth before people.

Gavin Schmidt and Adam Frank put forward the “silurians hypothesis”. According to their hypothesis, life on Earth could not be on Earth with a probability of 50/50. The conviction of scientists, life on earth may simply not occur to evolve to complex forms, did not reach the level of intelligent beings, and if that happened, civilization simply may not survive long enough, disappeared as a result of global catastrophe.

The results of the study published in the thematic edition of the International Journal of Astrobiology. Colleagues researchers see the rationality in their understanding of the development of life on Earth. However, I see flaws in the proposed hypothesis.