Scientists call a dose of alcohol will impact on life expectancy

Ученые назвали дозу алкоголя сильно влияющую на продолжительность жизни

Eating more than 100 grams of alcohol a week shortens your life by six months.

An international group of scientists said that the dose of alcohol that exceeds 100 grams in a week, adversely affects life expectancy. Moreover, researchers have found a relationship between increasing dose and decreasing life expectancy. The findings of scientists was published in the journal The Lancet, reports

In the study, researchers examined data on nearly 600 thousand people who were identified by the researchers as “drinking”. The data were taken from three databases: the UK Biobank, a program of the University of Cambridge ERFC and the European programmes EPIC-CVD, devoted to the study of cancer and nutrition. 44% of participants were women, 21% of smokers.

Scientists distributed the questionnaires in groups depending on the consumed dose of alcohol a week. Those who drank more than one hundred grams, 50%, and those who consumed more than 350 grams of 8%. 40 310 people died from cardiovascular disease, while 39 018 experienced the first signs of them.

The researchers noticed a correlation between increasing dose of alcohol consumed and a reduced life expectancy. It turned out that the use of 100 to 200 grams of alcohol a week reduces life expectancy by six months, from 200 to 350 grams — one to two years, and more than 350 grams — four to five years.