Scientists call blood pressure reducing herbs and spices

Experts in biology and cardiology has compiled a list of reducing blood pressure herbs and spices. Scientists have named the plants, the use of which will solve the problem of high pressure.

Modern treatment of high blood pressure is increasingly based on the use of non-drug treatment. Traditional methods of care based on herbs and spices. Biologists and cardiologists have named plants to help without the use of pills and drugs to stabilize the condition of man. One of the main was the Basil. Its leaves are used in cooking and automatically begins to affect the body. The most powerful are the effects of Basil extract. Best Basil plant home in a pot in the kitchen or in the garden to always have it handy and add to soups, salads and other dishes.

Cinnamon has also been confirmed from the experts, as a spice lowers the level of glucose in the blood, which is very important for hypertensive patients. Indian spice cardamom allows patients blood pressure already within 2-3 months of receiving a spice in the form of tea, coffee, liquor.

Flax and garlic – simple herbs and spices that have received the approval of experts. Flax seeds can be added to most foods — from soups to baked goods, and the action of garlic relaxes the muscles around blood vessels. Also a positive effect on lowering blood pressure hawthorn and ginger.