Scientists call the factors dangerously increase blood pressure

According to statistics, every third case of death in the world occurs due to disease, abnormalities, or seizures associated with increased blood pressure. Why leading scientists call the factors that are most harmful to the cardiovascular system of man.

According to the General opinion of scientists, at present, the predisposition to hypertension is observed every third inhabitant of the planet. This contributes to a lot of factors, the main of which are bad habits, sedentary lifestyle and consumption of unhealthy products containing a flavor based on salt and its modifications. In the race for profit, companies use salt as a taste stimulus. In turn, this leads to vascular spasm and high blood pressure.

It is impossible without a thorough diagnosis to buy decongestant drugs. Alcohol use contributes to aging of the blood vessels. Frequent sauna use and abuse of coffee, increases the risk of strokes. People predisposed to hypertension, doctors recommend eating Basil, hawthorn, and ginger, which reduce blood pressure.