Scientists: Collision after the formation of the moon changed the appearance of ancient Earth

The simulated model of the Earth residual planetesimals presented in their study, the researchers from the Yorkshire Institute. This period fell at the time when the Moon formed. Because of this, scientists have a theory that objects the size of a satellite of the Earth was taken to the planet of mass the more impressive in size than previously thought, and they could significantly change the view of the Earth.


In the beginning of its evolution, our planet survived the impact with another large object, and the Moon, meanwhile, emerged from the resulting debris that was thrown to orbital earth disk. Then began a long bombardment, when the Earth began to influence large bodies that were sometimes unique materials, participated in the integration of the southern hemisphere.

We were able to create a fully working model of mass collisions and how these metals and silicates were able to integrate into the Ground. This occurred during the late accretion length in hundreds of millions of years after the Moon formed, “said Dr. Simone MArchI.

He added that the basis for all claims are the simulation and does not exclude that the mass of late accretion delivered to the Earth could be much greater than previously thought, which could have implications for the early evolution of the planet.