Scientists denied that a sedentary lifestyle does not affect weight gain

Scientists from the University of Otago in Dunedin, New
Zealand, said that a sedentary lifestyle does not affect the weight gain.


According to the publication VladTime, the researchers studied
the results of 23 international research papers, which assessed how the lack of
physical activity leads to obesity. They also conducted their own experiments.
It turned out that a sedentary lifestyle is not so harmful for people looking for
figure. For example, in five years, the person who acted waist can increase
just 0.02 mm.
According to lead study author Meredith peddy
from the Department of nutrition, results from the presented
somewhat contradictory.
Previously believed that a sedentary lifestyle leads to
up to risk to fall ill with diabetes or problems with the cardiovascular
system. However, the results of the study suggest otherwise. It’s not
means that you do not stand up, the movement is necessary, but if you
this work, you need to spend much time sitting, do not think that
this will lead to obesity and other health problems.