Scientists discovered in Mongolia remains of a feathered dinosaur

The remains of a creature that was a dinosaur, however, was more like a Swan, or a duck that was discovered in Mongolia by a group of Italian scientists. The scientific study was published in Nature.


The eminent scientific journal Nature materials published the research of a group of Italian scientists who failed to discover the remains of a dinosaur that had feathers. Scientists from the University of Bologna, discovered the remains of ancient reptiles on the territory of Mongolia, calling was found being Halszkaraptor escuilliei. Using computer simulations the researchers were able to determine what its closest relatives are found reptiles were the velociraptors, however, the creature in appearance was more similar to a duck, or a Swan.

The dinosaur had a long neck, his body was covered with feathers, and his beak had a horn shape with the presence of several dozen teeth. Scientists have suggested that the animal was able to produce its food under water.