Scientists dispelled the myth about the dangers of pesticides in vegetables and fruits

American experts also dispelled the popular myth that fruits and vegetables containing pesticides are dangerous to health. This writes the “Version info” with reference to publication in the Journal of Toxicology.

Environmental Working Group has published its annual list of products farm products from the “dirty” to “clean.” The “pesticide” in the list was the strawberry, and the clean sweet pepper. However, scientists hasten to assure you that it is absolutely pure vegetables does not exist in nature and raise them as such today it is almost impossible. Most fruits and vegetables that get on the shelves of stores contain pesticides within the normal range.

Most of these substances is in the product, not in it. For severe poisoning it is necessary to eat them than one kilogram, or does not adhere to security during cultivation. To avoid these foods also can not, because they contain vital elements. For example, vegetarians eat vegetables, and poisoning is rarely seen among them. Who should carefully approach the selection of vegetables and fruit is pregnant women, Allergy sufferers and parents of children of preschool age.