Scientists estimate the level of discrimination in a Hollywood movie

Ученые подсчитали уровень дискриминации в голливудском кино

Women, LGBT and people with disabilities rarely continue to go on wide screens. This is evidenced by the results of a study of 1,100 of the most grossing Hollywood movies 2007-2017 years. Analysis conducted Annenberga school for communication and journalism, University of southern California, says Variety.

Scientists have concluded that over the last 10 years men have appeared in films twice as often as women. Only 1100 films counted 48 757 characters. Only 30.6% of them were women, who have said the replica, to 29.3% represented racial and ethnic groups that have received insufficient attention, 2.5 per cent of people with disabilities and 1% were representatives of the LGBT community.

Of all box office hit last year in 43 films were not black female characters in the 65-and no Asians, and in 64 there was not a single Latino. Also, in 78-and of them there was not a single female character with a disability. In 94 were absent representatives of the LGBT community. Approximately 400 of the highest grossing movies 2014-2017 appeared only one transgender.

The lack of all these characters on screen, partly due to the fact that the inequality prevails on the set. So, of the 1 223 Directors of top grossing films, women accounted for only 4.3%, black 5.2%, and Asians by 3.1%.

Last year only 33 out of a hundred of the highest grossing films the main character was a woman. And only four of them were representatives of racial and ethnic groups that have received insufficient attention. Thus in women’s roles often emphasized sexuality. They are twice as likely as men appeared in seductive clothes or partially naked.

The authors of the study say the women, the LGBT community and people with disabilities were not more likely to appear in the movie even after society began to actively discuss the issues of sexual, ethnic and racial equality.

As you know, in October 2017 in response to the sexual harassment of women in the film industry spread movement Me Too (“me too”). January 1 this year, began the movement Time’s Up (“Time out”), an activist who spoke out against sexual harassment and called for gender equality in society.

Recall, Matt Damon and Ben Affleck have promised to employ in his Studio Pearl Street Films, more women and minorities.

As previously reported, the American film Academy has been accused of age discrimination. The reason was that in the years 2015-2017 at 25 and nominated for “Oscar” films were only two main characters over the age of 60.

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