Scientists explain the emergence of giant planets – “hot Jupiters”

Scientists from Hawaii explained the emergence of the giant gas planets – “hot Jupiters”. Extrasolar planets grow by absorbing the heat from the red giant parent star.


In Science Alert published a scientific article of astrophysicists from the University of Hawaii. With the help of the Kepler telescope, scientists have discovered 2 exoplanets – K2-and K2 97-132 weighs in 2 times less than Jupiter, but its diameter exceeding 30%. They are the 9-day period revolve around home star class red dwarf, absorbing her warmth.

Because of the power of the star gas planets get too much energy. Getting inside the K2-and K2-97-132, it extends the atmosphere of cosmic bodies, reducing their density.

In 4-5 billion years the Sun evolyutsioniruet a red giant. Because of this, planets in the Solar system may increase in diameter, losing density, the scientists say.