Scientists found the combination protects monkeys from HIV for 20 weeks antibodies

Nature Medicine announces breakthrough in immunology. Scientists found a combination of antibodies that protect monkeys from HIV for 20 weeks. Similar studies could delay protection up to a maximum of 14 weeks.

Professionals immunology reported on new developments in the field of HIV. In the thematic edition appeared data on the use of unique combinations of antibodies to macaques. Substances used for hypothesis testing, to protect the animals from the destructive action on an organism of the infection. It is noteworthy that before the period of deferment of actions the ravages of HIV could be possible to bring it to 14 weeks. At the moment, scientists were able to generate antibodies that prolong the protection period to 20 weeks.

By the way, scientists from Canada have created and tested the implant from the sexual transmission of HIV. The fixture is designed for women and based on the hydroxychloroquine. Technology reduces the number of cells that can attack virus.